Your Surgery

Your Surgery

Your surgery will be at Henry Community Health in New Castle where I have practiced for nearly 25 years. It is an outstanding, nationally recognized hospital where you will be taken well care of before, during and after your surgery. Once you have decided to have surgery you will receive detailed information from us on what needs to be done prior to your surgery and for follow-up care.

Health Clearance For Your Surgery

If you live near New Castle we will schedule an appointment with our Pre-Op Clinic or a specialist if available to provide your surgery clearance. This is where some tests and a physical examination will be taken. You will meet with a physical therapist who will explain what to expect during your hospital stay and your home exercise program after you are discharged. A care coordinator will meet with you to discuss the type of help you might need after you return home or if you will need a referral to a rehabilitation center. If you live out of town we can arrange to have the surgery clearance done with your healthcare provider where you live. A physical therapist and care coordinator can call you at home to discuss any questions you might have.

Patient Education

In addition to the information shared during your appointment, you will receive animated online Emmi programs that walk you through important information about your upcoming surgery. They’re very friendly and easy to follow. You can view them as many times as you like in the comfort of your own home or anywhere that has internet access. You even can share the programs with friends or family members so they know the same information about your procedure.

Pre-Op Instructions

You’ll receive detailed instructions from us on medications and any other pre-op instructions. You will need to take a standard walker with wheel attachments on the front with you to the hospital. You can bring your own or we can arrange for one from our office. There will be a charge from the company we use if you have us order the walker.

Home Health Follow-Up Or Referral To A Rehabilitation Facility

While you are in the hospital a care coordinator will meet with you again to determine if you plan to go home after you are discharged or if you need to go to a rehabilitation facility. The care coordinator can make arrangements for either of these options.

Discharge Instructions

When you are discharged from the hospital you will receive detailed information about wound care, medications including pain medicines and physical therapy including exercises you will do on your own on days the physical therapist does not visit. We also include information on other frequently asked questions concerning your follow-up care after discharge.

Follow-Up Appointments After Your Surgery

You’ll have an appointment in our office with Brian Williams, PA-C in two weeks to have your staples taken out. If you live out of town we can arrange for home health to take out your staples or you can go to your local physician. Patients in an Extended Care Facility can have the staples taken out by their nursing staff. Your next appointment is at six weeks is with Dr. Lindsey Rolston where you will have an x-ray taken to make sure everything is progressing well. We also can answer any additional questions you may have.

Accommodations For Out Of Town Patients

We have many out of town patients coming for surgery. In most cases if you live over an hour away we can arrange for you and a family member to stay at Phillips Hall which is located on the hospital campus. You can stay there prior to the surgery and your family member can stay there while you are recuperating in the hospital. You will have a private room and bathroom. There is no charge for this service but donations to the Henry County Hospital Foundation are welcome.